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Before you place an order, call the supplier and discuss your plan.

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This is why a security camera can be a great addition to a home security system but it can never really take the place of a full fledged home security system.

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security systems for homes

Asset protection devices are designed to protect specific, tangible assets, such as jewelry, paintings, cash boxes, and family heirlooms. These devices can be outfitted with anti tampering technology to avoid being disarmed. If the item to which the device has been attached is moved or disturbed, the sensor will trigger an alarm. Consumers should keep in mind that these devices are not inexpensive and are intended to be an additional layer of protection on top of one’s regular security system. Although they can be bought individually to protect valuables, we still recommend getting a full home security system before considering purchasing these devices. While some components might be affected momentarily by a power outage, cellular and landline systems will continue to work even if there’s no electricity.

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